Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fashion (junior division): Bah, humbug ! :(

Here's the original.

I hate baby showers. I don’t know whether this has more to do with the fact that our only child is a male or with the fact that I have no interest in clothing or clothes shopping. I’ll grant you that shopping for “stretchies is a lot easier than shopping for clothing for older children or adults. But I find sitting around oohing and ahhing over some cute dress that the wee one will outgrow in six months anyway a crashing bore. There’s also the major issue that the attendees are expected to pay for that cute dress that the wee one is going to outgrow in six months anyway. Put ‘em in stretchies and forget about it. I’d rather buy a crib-safe toy or a book for later then blow my money on clothing that the kid’s only going to wear half a dozen times.

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Actual publication date November 10, 2010. Long story.

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For the record, I bought three baby books for the wee one. That's my preferred baby-shower gift. Three baby books probably cost as much as one of those overpriced baby outfits, but I enjoy book shopping much more than I enjoy clothes shopping.


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